I can't help myself, I'm so in love with crochet things, and even more when they're white because white is my all time favorite. It would make me even happier if the real spring would finally come around the corner bringing those comfortable temperatures, sunbeams and an ocean of flowers growing all over the gras so you don't even know where to sit down. What so ever, the current season is a mixture between all of them seasons.....except summer. Quite unimaginable for people living in Cali, the weather is comparable a girl on its period. Yesterday you went out in a top paired with a destroyed jeans and some flats enjoying ice cream in the park and catching the first sunbeams to start being tanned. Well, the next day you better grab your UGG boots and your duffle coat, otherwise you'll freeze your ass off. The whole april feels like an april fool concerning the weather but i won't start complaining about the weather haha.

Dear weather if you read this, I really like the rain and stuff but please don't keep the sun behind the clouds forever because we really need the sun right now and for the rest of the year. And don't let it be so freaking windy everyday, my hair is a total mess even though I just took a few steps out of the door. Thank you luv

For all of you, I hope you had an awesome hump day and enjoy the rest of the week.




As fast as the time for Coachella was near, it's been passed by. Even though I weren't there I've got the Coachella vibes in here, fore sure. I've been looking forward for summer since ever. Even though Germany isn't the coldest country in the universe it feels like the main season is winter, or at least fall, because temparatures are always so fcking freeeeeezing and i swear to god, I ain't a person who's cold all the time. I just get frustrated so easy because I love the sun more than anything and being tanned is the most perfect thing on earth (the hell I'm looking like a vampire the whole year). Always when looking on tumblr, instagram or youtube there's beach and sun and tanned people and beach bums and surfers and all that stuff which gets me into a deep nostalgic mood. I admit it, that's my own fault because I always follow people who live either in california, bali, fiji, hawaii, australia (bondi - most of the time which makes me feel even more sad) and so on but I can't help myself. I love the messages behind those beach pictures and the emotions and feelings they give me. They make me dream of my next holiday and I really do look forward for that. Next stop, by the way, is going to be Bulgaria, but only for partying with 2 friends of mine of course. The real chill is going to take place in Abu Dhabi and Dubai but till then, I need to acquire a taste for german weather.
To get out of my frustration about rain and freezing temparatures I cheered myself up with warm thoughts and a lot of pictures and videos about Coachella. Couldn't avoid to style an outfit which is absolutely my fav look for festivals. Just some high waisted shorts and a normal crop top plus a cute cardigan for the evening and a bit of jewelry which is always really cute are the best decision for a comfortable but stylish day.

Hoping I'm not the only one who's addicted to Coachella.